Frequently Asked Questions

No! Multiple EVSE manufacturers supplying universal chargers made for
use with all EV makes and models.

So you don’t have to:

  • Know the state of your existing electrical infrastructure
  • Spending hours researching, reading reviews, contacting suppliers.
  • Spend $$$$ on electrical inspections to ensure you have the power to
    accomodate EVSE on your circuits.
  • Read extensive instructions, then spend hours figuring out the software, apps
    and functions.

What if you upgrade to another model that isn’t compatible with your
manufacturer supplied charger?

Maybe you have a Tesla and BMW EV. A universal charger can supply power to any make and model.

OF COURSE! We can do a standard install if that’s all you need.

YES! It can be as easy as sending us a photo of your electrical switchboard.
If we need further detail, we can send out our specialist electricians to
conduct a detailed assessment.

Each manufacturer has their own warranty periods. Talk to us about
extended warranty options.

Your question not answered? Feel free to send us a message.